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Our program is based on athletic training that develops functional movement patterns along with natural strength and conditioning. The results driven program allows our athletes the opportunity to be at their best when it is time to perform.


What We Do

A Small Sampling Really

EVO Sports Training is quickly becoming one of the industry leaders in athletic performance training.

Elite Sport Performance

Elite Training programs at EVO offer absolutely the best in sport performance training. We train our professional and elite athletes to maximize their physical performance when it is time to perform. Experience the EVO difference.

NFL Combine Training

Our athletes have all reached electronic performance best at the NFL Combine and/or on their perspective Pro Day. In our four years. The EVO Staff has produced 30 top 10 NFL Combine performances. You will quickly the learn the EVO difference when it comes to Combine Training.

Elite Track Performance

Since the start of the track club, EVO has become one of fastest growing track organizations. With athletes from France, Nigeria, India, Belize and Honduras, EVO is gaining a quality reputation, Nationally and Internationally. Currently, EVO has trained 3 Olympians to date and are helping others to realize their dreams.

Youth Sport Performance

We offer a well designed Youth Performance Training program that will optimize speed, strength power and agility to match the physical and technical demands on the field, court and pool.

Team Training

Bring DeSean Jackson performance trainers to your sports program. We will create an off-season and in-season performance program that will take your teams Speed, Strength and Conditioning to the next level.

EVO Camps and Clinics

Get a competitive edge on the competition with the EVO TRAINING CAMPS! Make sure your team keeps honing their athletic skills and continue their athletic performance growth with the Elite Performance trainers.

Boot Camps

Challenge yourself to a high intensity workout that changes from week to week, brought to you by our Sports Performance staff. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Become the athlete you were meant to be.

Corporate Fitness

Each and every Corporate Training program from EVO is uniquely tailored to the goals of your business and employees. Our Corporate Training Program features On-site training to get your team moving!

Technical Analyzation

We analyze sprint and start mechanics for efficient running technique and provide each athlete with an in-person/video analysis plus personalized recommendations for improvement. We also provide Follow-Ups.

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We’re Amazing!

At Evo Sports Training, we center our training on and around core principles of technique and fundamentals to become explosive athletes.  We tailor the workouts to meet each athletes needs to enhance their strengths and to improve their weaknesses.

It’s True!

If you are looking for the bells and whistles, our program may not be for you.  However, if you are looking for great training at its core and looking to drastically improve your athletic skills and abilities, we are the perfect perfomance training program for you.

Here’s Why!

Evo prides itself on having a training atmosphere  that is fun and exciting while still crafting each workout to meet the demanding needs on the field, court or track to optimize the best results.

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